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System Integration

Cardinal Conveyor is in its 20th year of providing many types of material handling equipment.

In many instances we have installed a number of different types of equipment into an integrated system. We have integrated belt and roller conveyors with overhead chain conveyors, conveyors with scissor lifts, pushers, diverters, and numerous other material handling devices.

Below are a few examples:

  •  One customer came to us wanting a 150’ long assembly line that could be quickly and easily be changed to three different elevations for different height products that were assembled on the line.   The line had a ninety degree curve, work stations, transportation areas, and one work platform. Cardinal Conveyor engineered and installed – with controls – a conveyor system on scissor lifts that could be changed from one elevation to another in less than one minute. Controls included light curtains that protected operators on the line while the elevation changes were being made.
  •  Another customer wanted to automatically pick range parts off of a conveyor out of a stamping operation to an overhead chain conveyor for storage until needed on an assembly line. Cardinal Conveyor engineered and installed an integrated system that picked the parts off of a belt conveyor automatically, stored them in the open space above – on an overhead chain conveyor – that sent them back when needed to be automatically unloaded on to a belt conveyor at the assembly operation.
  •  A gas line pipe manufacturer came to us wanting to move pipe come-a-longs that weighed up to 400 lbs from one end of the plant to the other on an overhead conveyor system without stopping the system to load and unload.  The problem was how to get the come-a-longs onto the conveyor carrier without stopping the chain. They had developed a pick-up device attached to a chain hoist for picking and unloading the come-a-longs onto a roller conveyor on the floor. Cardinal Conveyor engineered a 4” I chain and trolley system with a special carrier that allowed for loading and unloading to be done on the fly using the pick-up device developed by the customer.

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