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Vacuum Lifts

We offer a wide range of standard or custom vacuum lifters that provide material handling solutions for any application.

Available options include:

  1. Electrical
  2. Self-Powered Mechanical
  3. Compressed Air
  4. Battery Powered

We will help you select the correct vacuum lifting system in order to suit your product handling needs.


Vacuum Lifters that handle almost any load!

    • Any object – sheet and plate, coil, pipe, ingots, boxes, bags, sacks, paper, cardboard, appliances, cabinets, rolled  goods, etc
    • Any Material – metal, concrete, foam, wood, stone, plastic and more!
    • Any Shape – Concave, convex, flat, ribbed, uneven, wavy
    • Any Action – Lifting, picking, tilting, rotating, placing, packing, etc
    • Any Environment – Indoors, outdoors, dusty, hot, mill-duty, food-grade, explosion proof, production line, warehouse, shipping and receiving, etc

There are literally hundreds of possible combinations of Vacuum Lifters available depending on the generator, beam, cross-arms, suspension, and cups used.


Vacuum lifters are easy to operate and require minimal operator training.

Ergonomic handling is the key – allowing operators to easily and repetitively maneuver and position loads that are non-porous, semi-porous, and porous.

A few things to keep in mind when considering a Vacuum Lifter:

        • Object Size
        • Object Weight
        • Object Material Composition
        • Object Differentiation (different size/shape/weight parts)
        • Object Action/Manipulation (flip, rotate, pitch, etc)
        • Height at Pick-Up & Set-Down
        • Suspension Method
        • Any Obtrusions in Work Space

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