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Parts & Components

Over the years we have established a large network of suppliers and manufacturers which enables us to supply you with just about any part or component that you need. We get requests for specials quite frequently, and we will either get you what you need or tell you where and how you can.

Just because you don’t see it listed here doesn’t mean we don’t have it!

Providing us with the serial number of the conveyor equipment (if applicable) is the best way to ensure that you get the right parts!

Overhead Conveyor Parts/Components include:

    • Track
    • Turns
    • Take-Ups
    • Chain (X-348, X-458, X-678, Enclosed Track)
    • Trolleys
    • CAT Chain
    • Drive Sprockets
    • Back-Up Bars
    • Motors
    • Reducers
    • Segment Rollers
    • Traction Wheels & Bushings
    • Chain Attachments
    • Welding Jigs

Floor Conveyor Parts/Components include:

    • Rollers
    • Drives
    • Reducers
    •  Belting
    • Supports
    • Pop-Up Stops
    • Claw Stops
    • Blade Stops
    • Pushers
    • Diverts
    • Chain Transfers
    • Guarding
    • Pulleys
    • Line Shaft Bands

Other Parts/Components:

    • Casters
    • Ball Transfers
    • Work Tables
    • Ramps
    • Bumpers
    • Wheel Chocks
    • Plastic Bins
    • Vertical Storage Units
    • Custom UHMW & Plastic

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