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Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts come in many different plies, covers, colors, surfaces, and coatings.

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There are many abbreviations used when referring to conveyor belts:

o AS = Anti-Static
o C = Cover
o COS = Cover One Side
o C-P = Cotton/Polyester Blend
o CR = Cross Ridge
o FBS = Friction Both Sides
o FI = Fabric Impression
o FS = Friction Surface

o HD = Heavy Duty
o MOR = Moderate Oil Resistant
o MSK = Mini Skim Coat
o PIW = (Per Inch Width) area – 1 inch wide x 1 foot long
o SB = Slider Bed
o SC = Static Conductive
o SOR = Super Oil Resistant

Food Handling:

15 oz. White Nitrile COS

  •  General purpose food handling Great for assembly line and packaging
  • Greaseproof
  • Can be hot water and steam cleaned
  • Resistant to food acids, fats, and alkalies
  • Easy to clean
  • FDA & USDA Approved
  •  Available from 2 ply to 5 ply

 Poly White Nitrile COS

  • Most generally used food belt available
  • High strength polyester carcass with great dimensional stability for:
  • Less stretch
  • Better tracking
  • Elimination of rot, mildew, and deterioration
  • Thin and flexible for small pulleys
  • Can be hot water and steam cleaned
  • Available in 2 ply Poly 60 & 3 ply Poly 90

Other food handling belts include:

  • Poly White Nitrile Heavy COS – Thicker, stronger version of the Poly White Nitrile series
  • Poly White RMV COS – Super oil resistant (great for animal and vegetable oil resistance)
  • Poly White Butyl COS – Designed specifically for extreme temperature applications
  • Poly White Teflon COS – Excellent for wet, sticky materials (best release characteristics)

Light-Duty Conveying:

 Brown Nitrile FBS

  •  Suitable for oily conditions & metal parts
  •  Used for power transmission in conditions involving oil & heat
  •  Economical
  •  Very Flexible
  • Available in 3 ply to 9 ply

Black Nitrile COS

  • All-purpose conveyor belt
  • Smooth nitrile top cover for assembly line, packing, and other uses
  • Flexible, yet strong
  • Superior oil, grease, and animal fat resistance
  • Good heat capability
  • Available in 2 & 3 ply

Other light-duty conveyor belts include:

  • Poly Heavy Duty Black Nitrile FBS – Very high oil resistance, cutting, gouging, and abrasion resistant
  • Poly Black Checkout Belt – Designed for checkout counters – best appearance – excellent for pulleys with small diameters
  • Urethane #900 – high resistance to cutting, gouging, tearing and high abrasion

Package Handling for Slider Beds:

28 oz. 1/16” x FS – Smooth

  •  Popular general-purpose utility belt
  •  Tough rubber top cover & friction surface bottom (for slider bed use)
  •  Good rigidity and body
  •  Commonly used in the lumber industry
  • 3 ply 28 oz. 1/16” x FS

1/8” Urethane Cover x FS

  • Recommended with high abrasive cutting
  • Particularly suitable for: wear pads, cutting blocks, stamping operations, die cutting, roof tile manufacturing and belt sanding units.
  • Excellent for sharp steel parts and scrap
  • Various colors available
  • 3 ply CN40 Black 1/8” urethane x FS

Other package-handling slider-bed belts include:

  • 28 oz. 1/16” x FS – Pebbletop – Same as 1st belt above but has a “pebbletop” rippled textured patter for increased traction
  • 2 Ply Bare Bottom – Bare top and bottom yields a low coefficient of friction
  • 2 & 3 Ply 1/8” Bare MOR – Heavier duty use, Tough cover – yet low friction bottom

PVC Belting:

  • PVC 120 Black
  • Proven as the longest-wearing, best-performing, most problem-free packing handling belt available
  •  Ideal for a variety of roller bed, slider bed, and live roller applications
  • Low Stretch
  • Superior rip, tear, and gouge resistant
  • Economical
  • PVC – 120 Black C x C
  • PVC – 120 Black C x FS
  • PVC – 120 Black FS x FS
  • PVC 90 Black
  •  Thin
  • Strong yet flexible
  • General purpose belt highly suitable for lightweight conveying of small products
  • Oil, chemical, and stretch resistant
  • PVC – 90 C x FS

Other PVC belts include:

  • PVC – 100 Black Chevron Top – Herringbone pattern, moves bulk material up steep inclines
  • PVC Roughtops – Rough textured, non-skid surface, high traction conveying
  • PVC 350, 450, & 750 – Most common, best cost performance yield elevator belting available

*Other belting styles include:

Incline Belts:
– available in 2 to 4 ply, PVC, with many styles of nubs and rough top grip options

Heavy Duty Conveyor & Elevator Belts:

– available from 2 to 4 ply, thicknesses up to ¼”, with options including high heat resistant, and oil resistant

Other options for conveyor belts include:

  • Splicing Options – (Vulcanized, endless, finger spliced, longitudinal)
  • Mechanical Fasteners – (Alligator lacing, clipper lacing, spiral lacing)
  • Flanges – (Molded, siped, notched, drilled)
  • V-Guides
  • Hole punched & perforated Cleated_Belt
  • Grooving Thick_Belt
  • Notching Clipper_Lacing
  • Urethane Cleats
  • Magnetic separators

Conveyor Belt Calculations:


1. Required horsepower (HP) to drive a belt conveyor:

For level conveyors:

HP = Coefficient of Friction x Speed (FPM) x (Product Weight in lbs + Belt Weight in lbs)

 For incline conveyors:

HP = (Product Weight x Sine of Angle) + (Product Weight + Belt Weight) x Friction x Speed

Coefficient of Friction:

  • Slider Bed .30
  • Belt over Roller .05
  • Belt Driven Roller .10
  • Chain Driven Roller .075
  • Slat Conveyor .15

2. Belt weight:

        BW = .375 lbs per square foot per 1/16” thickness

3. Feet Per Roll of Belting:

         Feet = Outside Diameter of Roll (inches) – Core Diameter of Roll (inches)
15.3 x Belt Thickness (inches)

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