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Manipulator [muh-nip-yuh-ley-ter] – noun

  • A mechanical device for the handling of objects or materials
  • Provides lifting capability, three dimensional translation within a work envelope, and end of arm positioning

In an industrial setting, this means that a manipulator allows an operator to have precise, ergonomic control over an item that would be too cumbersome and/or hazardous to handle without aid.

  • When properly qualified for an application, an articulated arm manipulator will reduce safety exposure due to manual lifting and may increase work efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the work area.

We are proud to represent Positech Corporation as a leading manufacturer of manipulators and end effectors.

From glass handling, impact and torque applications, to tire handling assemblies we can provide you with a manipulator that puts the operator in the safest, most ergonomic and anatomically correct position to handle whatever application you have.

Safety and ergonomics are key when handling objects that present a handling challenge, and manipulators handle that challenge with ease.

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We can also provide custom end effectors that are designed specifically for your application:

        • C-Frame
        • Expanding Mandrel
        • Magnet
        • Mechanical
        • Slide Grip ID
        • Slide Grip OD
        • Specialty
        • Standard Grip ID
        • Standard Grip OD
        • Vacuum

Whatever the application, we can make a manipulator to handle it.

From an on-site brainstorm at your facility, to the final testing and run-in, we would like to help you move your product.

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