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Pallet Rack

Consists of vertical uprights tied together by horizontal step beams to provide total access to products on rack

Available as bolted or welded frame constructions. Welded frames offer heavier capacity for loads

Uprights are slotted to offer as much configuration as possible. Beams mount to upright frames and are held in place with piston lock connectors.



  • Rack storage clears up vital floor space
  • Beam to Frame mounted ease reduces installation time and simplifies re-profiling
  • Handling one pallet requires no need to move others
  • Increased load flexibility in terms of weight and volume
  • Available in wide variety of sizes, gauges, and accessories custom fit to any application



are made up of two posts, horizontal and diagonal bracing, and foot plates. Posts are available in a variety of gauges and lengths as well as configurations for seismic zones.

Upright maximum capacities range from 7,000 to 60,000 lb. capacities depending on gauge, length, and configuration.



are roll formed with 1-5/8” step along the top side edge for holding load support components such as pallet supports or wire decks.

Beams span from 48” to 168” long. Beams over 108” long need extra lateral support installed mid span

Beam capacities vary per beam length and thickness, ranging in different styles from 2.5” to 6.5” thickness top to bottom of beam. Maximum beam capacities per pair of beam range from 830 to 15,120 lbs.

Z-Beam is a lighter capacity beam for supporting particle board or wire decking. Spans from 54” to 108” with maximum capacities ranging from 1,400 to 3,800 lbs.


Components and Accessories

A variety of accessories are available for pallet rack systems such as pallet supports and column protectors.




Cantilever Rack

Designed to store long or varying length items such as metal beams, pipes, molding, wooden boards, metal and plastic sheets, and a wide range of other materials

This multilevel storage system is designed and engineered to offer superior strength, stability, and safety



  • Wide range of load capacities
  • Center column design creates unlimited horizontal space
  • Vertically adjustable arms in 2” incrememnts for maximum versatility
  • Fully customizable


More Info

A system consists of columns (uprights) with horizontal and x-bracing. A collection of arms are attached to these columns and product is placed on the arms.

Light weight loads can be handled manually, where heavy weight loads can be handled via lift truck or other appropriate lifting device

Single-sided and double-sided racks are available, offering either one side or two sided access

Structural is available for medium to heavy duty applications. Roll-form is available for low height, heavy duty applications.



Wide span shelving is designed for hand-loading of medium to heavy loads and is ideal for storing small quantities of a large variety of products

Can be adapted to meet a variety of storage requirements with an assortment of available accessories and components

Metal point shelving is available which offers a more aesthetic focused shelving option for applications such as in-office storage

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