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Slat Conveyors:

Slat Conveyors can be used in multiple applications such as packing, inspecting, transporting, assembling, testing and painting in corrosive, oven, and cooler environments.

*Versatile Applications and Features*

    • Conveys loads from ounces to tons
    • No gaps between slats on some models
    • Smooth slats allow for fast on/off loading
    • Moving work station, or walk-on / ride-on operations
    • Metal slats endure heat and cold
    • Can be used in oven, drying, and cooling conditions
    • Slats can be wood, mild steel, zinc coated, stainless steel
    • Designed for high loads and long life (decades)
    • Belts will not cut, tear or stretch

Standard Wood and Metal Slat Conveyor:

Metal Slats:
5-3/4” wide x 10 gauge bolted to A-2 attachment on chain, hardwood slats and heavier gauge metal slats available

    • Heavy duty 7 gauge frames, bolted construction
    • Heavy duty 6” pitch chain with A-2 attachments every pitch
    • Heavy duty 12” pitch diameter, SR 196, 6 tooth sprockets
    • Slat widths from 24” to 48” (call for wider applications)
    • Lengths from 10’ to 250’
    • Capacity is 400 lbs per foot loading
    • Speeds from 7 to 45 FPM
    • Drives are floor mounted at discharge end

Special Slat Conveyors:

Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel Belt Slat Conveyors:

    • Variable widths from 9” to 25’
    • Lengths from 6’ to 300’
    • Loads up to 1200 lbs per square foot
    • Full load speeds up to 200 FPM, fixed or variable speeds available
    • Variety of controls available including safety lockouts

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