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Bridge & Jib Cranes:

Workstation Bridge Cranes:

Can be designed as either free standing or ceiling supported, and with capacity capabilities of up to 10 Tons there is certainly a crane for any workstation application.


–         Span possibilities up to 45 feet
–         Capacities up to 10 tons
–         Free standing/stand alone or ceiling mounted design
–         Festooning flat cable system or Internal Electric bar
–         Headerless design option
–         Custom sizes to match job requirements
–         Modular unit configuration


Jib cranes:

Can help improve material handling efficiency and work flow while providing flexibility along with cost savings. Jib cranes are available with a wide variety of mounting options. Operation type, available structure, necessary options, and cost of both the unit and installation are necessary considerations when matching a jib crane to your individual requirements.


Free standing jib cranes can be mounted in the following ways:

  • Base plate secured by anchor bolts
  • Base plate in the foundation
  • Sleeve in foundation (allowing for removal)
  • Counterweight base








Wall mounted jib cranes can be mounted in the following ways:

  • Full cantilever
  • Drop cantilever
  • Wall cantilever
  • Wall Bracket Tie Rod support




Consideration factors when choosing a jib crane:

      • Capacity
      • Area of rotation
      • Underboom height
      • Mounting method (free standing, wall mounted)
      • Overall height
      • Working span
      • Power-motor requirement
      • Installation

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